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sE Electronics Gemini II (Dual Tube Cardioid Condenser) Microphone by     1 Retailer ($1499)
Microphones & Wireless - A tube mic - but even better! sE Electronics puts its own spin on the classic tube mic with the Gemini II. We've all heard tube
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sE Electronics SE4400a with RND 5017 Preamp Package Microphone by     1 Retailer ($1544)
Microphones & Wireless - Sweetwater is bringing the sE Electronics 4400a and Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017 mic pre/DI/compressor together in a studio
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sE Electronics RN17 Stereo Pair - Matched Pair Microphone by     1 Retailer ($1999)
Microphones & Wireless - This sE Electronics RN17 stereo pair gives you a perfectly matched set of amazing sounding pencil condenser microphones. The first
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sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 (Passive Ribbon Mic) Microphone by     1 Retailer ($399)
Microphones & Wireless - sE Electronics rocks too with their Voodoo VR1 mic, which is one of the coolest, most affordable ribbon mics out there. Based
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Cyber Acoustics MIC-48 Cable Consumer Microphone by Cyber Acoustics    3 Retailers ($4.62)
This Cyber Acoustics microphone is a good choice for recording realistic, warm audio tracks. It's equal parts ergonomic and high-performance. Bringing
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Oklahoma Sound LWM-5 Wireless Consumer Microphone by Oklahoma Sound    3 Retailers ($270.24)
Wireless handheld microphone is compatible with all Oklahoma Sound Corp. sound lecterns except the PRA-7000 Pro Audio Wireless Public Address System. Using
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Consumer Electronics
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